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Evangelist Elder Mark Thompson
My name is Mark Thompson, and I was born in north Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, on April 11, 1956. At 12 years old I ran away from home because of complications at home. I lived in abandoned houses in the dead of winter covered with anything to keep me warm. I was afraid of rats, of any little shadow and just plain being alone.

I became an alcoholic at age 13. I stopped attending school in the 6th or 7th grade, and immediately started smoking and drinking with grown men three times my age, which led to my alcoholic lifestyle until I was 40. I stayed an alcoholic for 27 years. I was in the wilderness until God brought me out.

At 14 years old I started working at a well known French restaurant in Philadelphia as a dish washer. Working at the French restaurant did nothing but encourage my addiction to alcohol because it was acceptable to the French owner to allow a 14 year old to drink.

At 16 I illegally joined the U.S. Army and was kicked out shortly thereafter. My whole life consisted of smoking, drinking and working. My second home was a place called the Roundhouse - a police station in Philadelphia. Like clock work, I was picked up every Friday and Saturday for drinking. All the police officers knew me, but fortunately for me, my life took a small change.

In 1978 or 1979 a friend of mine and I went to a Cabaret for the Mayor of Philadelphia, and of course, I was still drinking. When we got there, I saw a young lady sitting down and I told my friend she would be my wife - he laughed.

On November 6, 2008 we will be married 26 years. We have two beautiful daughters-Mendy Lynne and Ciani Elizabeth. Mendy is now 21 years old, and a graduate of Penn State University pursuing her goal to become an anesthesiologist.
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Mendy’s childhood was not always good. She was well aware of my alcohol problem. She would see me staggering and falling asleep in my food and coming home all hours of the night after drinking until the bars closed. During this time she started to hate me and it broke my heart. As time went on, I tried to bribe her with material things. 1

God is gracious and loves me in spite of myself. I was blessed with a good job and through God’s grace was able to drive an 18-wheeler truck and not drink.

When Ciani came along, things were much different and she considers me the best dad in the whole wide world.

My wife, Debra, on the other hand, has been through it all. She is a wonderful, caring, loving and most importantly, a praying woman. She has always loved the Lord and prayed for me constantly for many, many years. God knew who to put in my life and I thank Him for her each and every day.

I continued to drink when I wasn’t on the road, driving. One day when I came off the road, I didn’t feel well. When I went to bed, I couldn’t lay down with out excruciating pain. I went to the emergency room but the doctors said they did not see anything that was causing the pain. As I was about to go home, a doctor said “let me check one more time.” He discovered I had a blood clot heading toward my heart—a Pulmonary Embolism. It would have killed me that night if I had gone home without them finding it. The cause was from me sitting so long in the truck.

I stayed in the hospital seven days. My wife and others prayed for me and a miracle took place. I went from smoking three packs of cigarettes and drinking every day to never smoking and drinking again. Thank God that He delivered me from alcohol and smoking at the same time. I never went to rehab or experienced any withdrawal symptoms—that is why I praise Him!

It was through Jesus’ grace that I didn’t suffer any liver damage, kidney or lung diseases or any physical problems at all—that was 12 years ago, Praise God! My wife continued to ask me to go to church with her, this time I said yes. The Holy Spirit worked on me daily and I started to go to church on a regular basis trying to learn more about Jesus Christ. As I learned more about Jesus, I wanted to be baptized.

After my baptism I became a deacon in the church. I would do anything to show God my appreciation for saving my life. I drove the church van, led devotional service and was on call to the pastor 24-7. One day an evangelist came to the church to have a Tent Revival. I had never experienced that kind of preaching before. The gentleman was from Mississippi, and the things I heard from him touched my heart. He prophesied to me that I was to preach the gospel.

I wondered how would I be able to do this with such a limited education, but God said He would teach me. The more I read the Bible, the more God gave me revelations of His word. Most of the words in the Bible I could not pronounce or knew the meaning of, but now I not only can read it but also understand it.

Jesus has anointed me, through the Holy Spirit, with the gift of tongues. When I wake up in the morning, I do not make a move until I consult Jesus. I tell Him that I love Him and ask Him to bless the world.

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